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...while I was at the headquarters I showed the video around to gain support from the other groups.
I will be in contact shortly about the next one.
Your team has made me a believer!

Peter Siesel

We are very happy with these movies. They are fantastic. Thank you...
I have to say, you have done a great job on these presentations - I know it is not easy to find images to accompany such technical narrations. Well done!

Davis Smith

The video you created for us explained a very complex workflow. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, this has been worth about 10,000,000!!
I knew we had something good when our competition started asking us where the video came from.

Tim Harkins
Roche Diagnostics


3D Animation

Get your ideas across in a creative and striking yet simple way. At Orange Planet we bring your projects to life through the latest technology such as 3D animations for products and processes; 3D flying company and product logos; photorealism; animated series; 3D character creation; ambiance; and more. Using the newest software on the market, Orange Planet gives you the opportunity to express your vision in a fresh, unique and attractive way — without limits.

Video Special Effects

The Orange Planet Film and Visual Effects Division is dedicated to the creation of convincing and compelling images for both the big and small screen. The human eye is not easily fooled. Audiences are extraordinarily proficient at detecting motion that does not adhere to the rules of physics and dynamics; for example, gravity or turbulence. Our editors and digital artists do all that is possible to create fantastic special effects for TV and film productions. We have the necessary software for the most demanding tasks such as editing, motion graphics, rotoscopy, color correction, motion tracking, camera tracking and chroma key.


By combining different disciplines, we are able to give you a glance into the future. Orange Planet will transform your blueprints and floorplans into attractive 3D graphics that enable you to appreciate the finished qualities of your product even before it’s produced. Architectural developments, engineering projects, products, packaging and even art concepts will benefit from being transported into the virtual world for mass display and appreciation.

Live Action

Orange Planet is full of visual talent including Storytellers, Photography Directors, Film Directors, Art Directors, and Concept Artists. We use them to transform your market, corporate or artistic idea into a great film or digital video production. We can create a solution for you ranging from the use of a single on-shoulder digital camera up to 35mm cinematic productions. We have narrators and actors on hand to enhance the final production, which we can deliver in a variety of high-end formats.

Video Games

Visual media in today’s world can be used in a number of new ways to diffuse messages and entertain people. Orange Planet believes in these new developments in art and technology and is prepared to provide you with a range of services in the following areas:

  • Prototype developing
  • Modeling, texturing and level design
  • AdverGaming creation
  • Animations for gaming
  • Concept art

These are only some of the disciplines that Orange Planet employs to make your new game a high-quality blockbuster at a production price you can afford!

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