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...while I was at the headquarters I showed the video around to gain support from the other groups.
I will be in contact shortly about the next one.
Your team has made me a believer!

Peter Siesel

Since 2003, Orange Planet has been creating extraordinary 3D animation, stereoscopic 3D, visual effects, visualizations, live action, stop motion and video games for the medical, technology and entertainment industries. When in need to present a groundbreaking invention, to provide user tutorials for specialized machinery and processes, training material, architectural walkthroughs or preparing an appealing set of art for marketing campaigns, Orange Planet is able to do it for you, on time and within budget.

3D Animation is a strong visual tool which can help explain and demonstrate some of the most complex technology, phenomena and devices. Adding to this offering, the creation of prototype presentations, motion graphics, corporate imaging, special effects, 2D animation, programming and design are amongst the solutions we can provide.

Our experienced team is ready and able to start working on your upcoming productions and endeavors. Let us help in taking your vision to another level.

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